A-006 Building Design Guidance for Terrorism Mitigation

A-006- Building Design Guidance for Terrorism Mitigation – PHOTO

Building Design Guidance for Terrorism Mitigation

The Building Design Guide for Terrorism Mitigation online PDH course is a part of the Building Design category of courses. This course highlights mitigation measures that may be applied to building elements, including architectural, structural, and building envelope systems. It also reviews additional building design measures that should be considered to protect building occupants when the desired level of protection cannot be achieved through site design.

The online PDH course is based on Chapter 3 “Building Design Guidance” of the FEMA Publication tilted, “Mitigating Potential Terrorist Attacks Against Buildings” (FEMA 426).

This course is intended to be used by architects, civil and structural, mechanical, electrical engineers, façade designers and others interested in learning about building design guidance for mitigation of terrorist risk.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Cite the pros and cons for different configurations for high-risk buildings
  • Identify architectural design measures and other considerations when space planning
  • List recommended structural and non-structural systems for high-risk buildings
  • Understand the impacts of blast loads and stresses
  • Discuss the vulnerabilities of a building envelope and solutions for exterior wall and window designs
  • Recommend design considerations for doors in high-risk buildings
  • Reference design considerations for mechanical systems in high-risk buildings
  • Explain why redundancy is important for high-risk buildings

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