A-008 Integrating Manmade Hazards

A-008 Integrating Manmade Hazards

Integrating Manmade Hazards

The Integrating Manmade Hazards online PDH course is a part of the Building Design category of courses. Hazard mitigation planning is the process of determining how to reduce or eliminate the loss of life and property damage resulting from natural and manmade hazards. While communities of all sizes are increasingly aware of their vulnerability to manmade hazards, this awareness is of no value unless it is translated into action.

This course will help users identify, prioritize, and implement mitigation actions across the full spectrum of hazards and maximize the efficient allocation of public resources. You may not be able to prevent every accident or deliberate attack, but a well-planned and effectively implemented mitigation program will help to reduce the consequences of such incidents.

The online PDH course is based on the FEMA Publication tilted, “Integrating Manmade Hazards Into Mitigation Planning” (FEMA 386-7).

This course is intended to be used by architects, civil and structural, mechanical, electrical engineers, façade designers and others interested in learning about integrating manmade hazards into mitigation planning.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Get started with the mitigation planning process and devise a plan
  • Consider how you can organize efforts to develop an effective mitigation plan
  • Identify hazards and assess losses to your community or state
  • Set mitigation priorities and goals for your community or state
  • Implement and maintain a dynamic mitigation plan that changes to meet new developments
  • Evaluate potential mitigation actions through the use of benefit-cost analysis and other techniques
  • Incorporate special considerations into hazard mitigation planning for historic properties and cultural resources
  • Use multi-jurisdictional approaches to mitigation planning
  • Find secure technical and financial resources for mitigation planning

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