A-012 Transit Security Access Management

A-012 Transit Security Access Management – PHOTO

Transit Security Access Management

The Transit Security Access Management online PDH course is a part of the Building Design category of courses. As transit agencies across the United States take steps to protect their systems from possible terrorist attacks, agency decision makers are confronted with numerous security issues and demands. They must assess passengers, system assets, and potential threats, and determine which threats are most likely and which have the potential to cause the most damage.

This course defines the parameters of access management and describes the challenges of incorporating access management into the transit environment. The use of access management as part of a planning strategy and security plan, the security concepts behind access management, and agency challenges when implementing access management systems are also reviewed.

The course can be a resource for transit agency decision makers, members of design, construction and operations departments, security and law enforcement personnel and consultants and contractors, in developing an effective and affordable security strategy following the completion of a threat and vulnerability assessment and development of a comprehensive plan.

The online PDH course is based on Chapter 5 of the United States Department of Transportation publication titled “Transit Security Design Considerations”.

This course is intended to be used by architects, all engineers and project managers and other construction professionals interested in learning about transit security.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe an overview of the major assets of transit systems
  • Outline effective access management concepts
  • Identify key challenges when implementing access management systems
  • List the tools and techniques transit agencies can use to manage access
  • Cite sample guidelines for various access management security measures

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