A-029 Acoustic Comfort

A-029 Acoustic Comfort

Acoustic Comfort

The Acoustic Comfort online 1 PDH course is a part of the Building Design category of courses.

The acoustical environment of a workspace is typically given little or no attention during project planning and design. The functionality and aesthetics of the workspace are usually the primary focus of the designer. Too often overlooked, are the factors contributing to the productivity of employees occupying the workspace. Providing a comfortable environment for employees contributes significantly to their optimum performance and reduced absenteeism. Workspace comfort is really a combination of factors that includes daylighting and electric lighting, indoor environmental quality, temperature, and acoustics.

The focus of this course is primarily on acoustic comfort in offices, classrooms, and conference rooms, though the concepts may apply to other space types, as well.

This course is based on National Institute of Building Science publication “Acoustic Comfort”.

This course is intended for architects, building engineers, civil, structural and mechanical engineers, and other design and construction professionals interested to learn about acoustic comfort.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this PDH online continuing education course, you will be able to:

  • address the sources of acoustical problems
  • offer design guidance to control the acoustical problems
  • identify accepted acoustical criteria, and
  • describe the value of acoustic comfort to the employee.

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