CE-018 Foundations in Expansive Soils

CE-018 Foundations in Expansive Soils

Foundations in Expansive Soils

This PDH online course is a part of the Civil Engineering course category.

This course presents guidance for selecting economical foundations on expansive soil to minimize structural distress to within tolerable levels and guidance for minimizing problems that may occur in structures on expansive soils. It also includes guidance and information for the geotechnical investigation necessary for the selection and design of foundations constructed in expansive clay soil areas.

This course is intended for use by civil and structural engineers, geotechnical engineers construction professionals and others interested in learning about foundations in expansive soils.

This course is based upon Department of the Army USA, Technical Manual TM 5-818-7, Foundations in Expansive Soils.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, you will learn about:

  • Site investigation required for foundations in expansive soil
  • Required laboratory test required for interpretation of the site investigation
  • Design of foundations in expansive soils such as: shallow foundations, deep foundations and slab on grade
  • Minimizing foundation movements, including drainage and stabilization techniques
  • Construction techniques and procedures
  • Remedial procedures

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