E-007 Circuit Control Devices

E-007 Circuit Control Devices

Control Circuit Devices

The Circuit Control Devices online PDH course is a part of the Electrical Engineering category of courses. This course will introduce you to switches, solenoids and relays as the main types of circuit control devices.

Switch is device capable of making connection between contacts or making separation between contacts. This course will introduce you to manual and automatic switch, multi-contact configuration, multi-position options, and switch ratings.

Solenoid is a control device that uses electromagnetic energy to operate contacts of the switch. This course will introduce you to examples of a solenoids use and maintenance.

Relay is a control device using the same principle as solenoid without movable core. Could be used as power relays (aka contactors) and control relays, called just relays. The function of the contactor is to use small amount of electrical power, mostly low voltage circuits, to control the switching of a large amount of power. This course will introduce you to various relay configuration and maintenance.

This course is based on US Navy Naval Education and Training Command, Electricity and Electronic Training Series publication “Circuit Control Devices” (NAVEDTRA 14175).

This course is intended for electrical engineers and other professional engineers interesting in general knowledge of electrical circuitry.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify variety of circuit control devices
  • Select appropriate type of circuit control device for intended circuit performance
  • Select appropriate configuration of circuit control device for intended sequence
  • Understand circuit control device electrical ratings
  • Perform basic device maintenance

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