E-059 Measurement Transducers and Synchronizers

E-059 Measurement Transducers and Synchronizers

Measurement Transducers and Synchronizers

The Measurement Transducers and Synchronizers 2 hour PDH online course is a part of the Electrical category courses.

The precise measurement of the voltage, current or other power system parameters is a requirement for any automation and control process, ranging from automatic closed-loop control to the information sampling for statistical needs. Measurement of these quantities can be achieved in different ways, including the application of direct-reading devices as well as electrical measuring transducers. There is a wide range of measurement instruments that are used to gather information and convert it into information that can be used by the operator. Typically, the instruments are classified depending on possibility for local or remote application.

This course is suitable for electrical engineers with a desire to understand basic power system measurement techniques and instrument operation principles. Presented details cover issues related to transducer characteristics and their inputs and outputs, instrument accuracy, transducer selection, tariff metering, synchronizers and disturbance recorders.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course you will gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • General transducer characteristics
  • Transducer inputs, outputs, accuracy and selection
  • Tariff metering
  • Synchronizers
  • Disturbance recorders

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