E-067 Gas Insulated Substation Control and Monitoring

E-067 Gas Insulated Substation Control and Monitoring

Gas Insulated Substation Control and Monitoring

The Gas Insulated Substation Control and Monitoring 3 hour PDH online course is a part of the Electrical category courses.

This course includes GIS monitoring topics including gas monitoring, partial discharge tests, and circuit breaker monitoring. The control topics of bay controllers and control diagrams are also discussed. The fundamentals of gas monitoring including the related alarms are described and gas monitoring routines are presented. The partial discharge monitoring paragraph also includes the types of faults causing partial discharges and provides details on partial discharge measuring procedures, where electric, acoustic, chemical specific routines of partial discharge monitoring with GIS are presented.

Current and voltage transformer wiring including mimic schemes are presented. The function of the bay controller with all its basic elements is presented. Control diagrams of different mode selections and interlocking are provided and examples are presented.

This course is suitable for electrical engineers with a desire to understand the fundamentals of GIS technology control and monitoring. Presented topics refer to the latest standards, regulations and relevant industry practice. Upon successful completion engineers will be able to address basic control and monitoring principles, understand operation and control methods and tests that need to be completed before commissioning. List of the relevant standards for additional details is also included.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course you will gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • SF6 gas monitoring practices
  • Partial discharge measurement procedures
  • Defect types that can cause partial discharge
  • SF6 control schemes including interlocking, control mode selection, pole discrepancy monitoring, etc.
  • Digital communication practices and standards
  • Switchgear operation including operation time tests
  • GIS technology type and routine tests

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