ELR-008 Florida Laws and Rules for Professional Engineers


Florida Laws and Rules for Professional Engineers

The Florida Laws and Rules for Professional Engineers online PDH course is a part of the Ethics, Laws and Rules category of courses.

This course covers the following topics as required by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers:

  • A.C.: changes to Chapters 455 and 471, F.S.; rules adopted, amended, or repealed during the immediately preceding biennium;
  • List of resources used to develop the course content;
  • Application of the provisions of Chapter 471 F.S. to individual disciplinary cases and unlicensed practice cases during the immediately preceding biennium (optional);
  • The laws and rules of the Board pertaining to signing and sealing, responsibility rules, certification, and responsible charge (optional).

This Laws and Rules course is intended to fulfill Florida Board of Professional Engineer’s Laws and Rules requirement and is based on changes in the preceding biennium to Florida Statutes, Chapters 455 and 471, and Florida disciplinary case studies.

This course is intended for use by all engineering professionals, students and others interested in learning about Laws and Rules of the State of Florida.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the laws and rules governing the practice of engineering in State of Florida
  • Understand changes made to the Florida Statutes in the preceding biennium
  • Understand implication of non-compliance to the Florida Board of Professional Engineers rules and laws through study of disciplinary case studies
  • Access references used in the preparation of this course

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