EN-003 Indoor Air Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

EN-003 Indoor Air Vapor Intrusion Mitigation – PHOTO

Indoor Air Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

The Indoor Air Vapor Intrusion Mitigation online PDH course is a part of the Environmental Engineering category of courses.

The migration of volatile contaminants from the subsurface into overlying buildings is called vapor intrusion. Volatile contaminants from buried wastes and/or contaminated groundwater or soil can migrate through subsurface soils and into indoor air spaces of overlying buildings.

This course reviews the mitigation of vapor intrusion to prevent human exposure to anthropogenic soil and groundwater contaminants. It was designed to provide sufficient information to allow the reader to understand the range of mitigation technologies available. The course also provides information on selecting appropriate technologies in consultation with qualified engineering and risk management professionals.

This course is based on United States Environmental Protection Agency document “Indoor Air Vapor Intrusion Mitigation”.

This course is intended for use by environmental engineers, architects, civil  and structural engineers, design and construction professionals, owners, facility managers, students and others interested in learning about indoor air vapor intrusion mitigation.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Provide an overview of contaminant entry and mitigation procedures
  • Identify quality assurance considerations
  • List available engineered control measures for vapor intrusion into various building types
  • Discuss the effects of various technologies on aspects of indoor air quality
  • Cite structural and occupancy aspects for new and existing buildings
  • Recommend verification procedures for mitigation performance

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