M-054 An Introduction to Solar Collectors

M-054 An Introduction to Solar Collectors

An Introduction to Solar Collectors

An Introduction to Solar Collectors online 6 PDH course is a part of the Mechanical Engineering category of courses. This course presents design criteria and cost analysis methods for the sizing and justification of solar heat collectors for space heating and cooling of buildings and domestic hot water (DHW) heating. Information is presented to enable engineers to understand solar space conditioning and water heating systems and conduct feasibility studies based on solar collector performance, site location, and economics. Both retrofit and new installations are considered.

Upon completion of this course you will have an understanding of the standards and performance criteria for solar heating systems, solar radiation and its collection, important collector features, freeze protection, air and liquid collectors, collector fluids, and solar powered cooling systems.

This course is intended for engineers, architects and other building design and construction professionals who want to learn about the basic technology of solar collectors and how they can be employed to power space heating and cooling and domestic hot water heating systems for buildings.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this PDH online continuing education course, you will:

  • Learn about standards and performance criteria relating to solar heating systems
  • Learn about solar radiation and how it is captured by solar collectors
  • Learn the fundamentals of solar collector orientation
  • Learn about flat plate solar collectors
  • Learn about absorber plate coatings
  • Learn the purpose of transparent coverings and insulation for collectors
  • Learn the fundamentals of air and liquid collectors
  • Learn about selective coatings for flat plate collectors
  • Learn about flat plate collector housings, gaskets and sealants
  • Learn the pros and cons of different collector fluids
  • Learn techniques for collector freeze protection
  • Learn about the space cooling systems that can be solar powered

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