OG-006 Petroleum Fuel Systems Operation and Maintenance

OG-006 Petroleum Fuel Systems Operation and Maintenance

Petroleum Fuel Systems Operation and Maintenance

Petroleum Fuel Systems Operation and Maintenance 2 hour PDH online course is a part of the Oil & Gas category courses. This publication covers petroleum fuel receiving, offloading, fill stand, pipelines, and gas station facilities. The components common to each of these systems, as well as the components specific for each system, are described in this publication. These facilities must have an appropriate system to contain spills. Typical applications include direct offloading systems and stripper pumps.

After completion of this course you will have an understanding of equipment and methods employed in handling petroleum fuels.

This course is intended for mechanical and petroleum engineers, and other design and construction professionals wanting an introduction to operation and maintenance of petroleum fuel handling systems.

Learning Objectives

This online PDH course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Learn about the types of pumps employed;
  • Learn how to utilize filter/separators to exclude water and contaminants from fuel;
  • Learn how a hydraulic gradient is used to design pumping and piping systems;
  • Learn about the appropriate specifications and qualifications for fuel handling systems;
  • Learn how manual or automatic sump pumps are installed in pits to evacuate water or fluid;
  • Learn about automatic air eliminators; and
  • Learn about tanker or barge off-loading procedures.

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