OG-009 An Introduction to Marine Fueling Facilities

OG-009 An Introduction to Marine Fueling Facilities

An Introduction to Marine Fueling Facilities

An Introduction to Marine Fueling Facilities 2 hour PDH online course is a part of the Oil & Gas category courses. This course provides an introduction to the design of marine applications of petroleum fueling facilities.  Design of marine fuel receiving and dispensing facilities for the purpose of receiving fuel and/or loading fuel aboard ships, barges and boats for consumption or as cargo is discussed. In many cases, the marine receiving and dispensing facilities will be combined.

This course will give you professional tools that will help you to understand the technical and design issues associated with marine fuel delivering and receiving facilities.

This course is intended for civil, mechanical and petroleum engineers and other design and construction professionals wanting to learn how to design safe and effective marine fueling facilities.

Learning Objectives

This online PDH course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Learn about functional and safety requirements for fueling facilities at piers and wharves;
  • Learn important design considerations for offshore mooring fueling facilities;
  • Learn how to plan and design spill management systems;
  • Learn when and how to employ product recovery systems;
  • Learn the proper selection and application of block-and-bleed type valves;
  • Learn about ballast treatment requirements;
  • Learn when to provide protective features such as bollards and canopies.

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