SE-011 Wind Load Calculations for PV Arrays

SE-011 Wind Load Calculations for PV Arrays

Wind Load Calculations for PV Arrays

The Wind Load Calculations for PV Arrays 2 hour PDH online course is a part of the Structural course category. This course provides guidelines on calculations of wind loads and connections for photovoltaic roof fixed panels. Today’s photovoltaic (PV) industry must rely on licensed structural engineers’ various interpretations of building codes and standards to design PV mounting systems that will withstand wind-induced loads. This is a problem, because, although permitting agencies require assessments of the structural attachment of solar equipment to rooftops, the safety and sufficiency of these attachments are not adequately addressed in any codes or standards. The result is a multitude of code interpretations from a range of individuals and groups, often yielding different design loads for the same design specifications.

This course provides sample calculations for determining wind loads on PV arrays based on ASCE Standard 7. It focuses on applying the existing codes and standards to the typical residential application of PV arrays mounted parallel to the roof slope and relatively close (3 to 6 inches) to the roof surface.

This course is based on Solar America Board for Codes and Standards report “Wind Load Calculations for PV Arrays”.

This course is intended for use by civil and structural engineers, design and construction professionals, students and others interested in learning about wind load calculations for PV arrays.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain wind load calculations for structural components and their applicability to rooftop PV arrays
  • Understand shortfalls related to current codes related to PV arrays
  • Explain the simple approach to calculating wind pressures for PV arrays
  • Describe in a step by step sequence the method for wind pressure calculation for PV arrays

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