W-CE-002 Design for Safety – Reinforced Concrete

W-CE-002 Design for Safety – Reinforced Concrete

Design for Safety – Reinforced Concrete

Design for Safety – Reinforced Concrete online PDH webinar is a part of our group of on-demand online webinars.

Designers historically have not been familiar with the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) standards because they were rarely exposed to construction jobsite hazards. However, with the increasing roles that designers are playing on worksites, such as being part of a design-build team, it is becoming increasingly important that they receive construction safety training, including information about federal and state construction safety standards.

This webinar presents safe-design considerations pertaining to reinforced concrete design and construction. It contains specific examples of common workplace hazards related to construction and illustrates ways design can make a difference. A case study is included to facilitate class discussions. One section of slides presents the Prevention through Design (PtD) concept, another summarizes reinforced concrete design principles, and a third illustrates applications of the PtD concept to real-world construction scenarios.

This webinar is intended for civil and structural engineers, construction professionals and others interested in learning about how to design reinforced concrete structures for safety.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the webinar, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate application of the Prevention through Design (PtD) concept
  • Identify workplace hazards and risks associated with design decisions and recommend design alternatives to alleviate or lessen those risks
  • Integrate Occupational Safety and Health with the Design Process
  • Incorporate design for safety tools available to engineers to ensure safety construction practices on site
  • Apply principles of PtD to ensure the safety, health, and welfare of the public and maintain highest ethical and professional standards
  • Distinguish and examine motivations, barriers, and enablers for implementing PtD on projects in order to enable safe construction practices
  • Assess how PtD improves business value through reduction of time off for safety incidents
  • Predict main hazards associated with reinforced concrete construction and devise constructible solution that minimize safety issues
  • Apply PtD principles to reinforced concrete design to mitigate safety risks during construction through safe design practice

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