W-CE-004 An Introduction to Bridge Elements Webinar

W-CE-004 An Introduction to Bridge Elements

An Introduction to Bridge Elements Webinar

An Introduction to Bridge Elements online PDH webinar is a part of the PDH Star on-demand webinar courses.

This webinar is an introduction to the nomenclature and function of bridge elements. A bridge basically consists of two main parts: the substructure and the superstructure. The substructure includes those parts which transfer the loads from the bridge span down to the supporting ground. For a single-span structure the substructure consists of two abutments, while for multispan structures there are also one or more piers. Sometimes steel bents or towers are used instead of piers. The loads are applied to the substructure through the bearing plates and transmitted through the abutment walls or pier columns to the footings. If the soil is of adequate strength, the footings will distribute the loads over a sufficiently large area. If not, the footings themselves must be supported on pile foundations extended down to a firm underlying stratum.

This webinar is intended for civil engineers and other design and construction professionals wanting an introduction to the fundamental elements of bridges.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about abutments which are substructures supporting the end of a single-span or the extreme end of a multispan superstructure and usually retaining or supporting the approach embankment.
  • Learn about piers, which transmit the load of the superstructure to the foundation material and provide intermediate supports between the abutments.
  • Learn about the superstructure which includes all those parts which are supported by the substructure, with the main part being the bridge spans.
  • Learn about the deck which is that portion of a bridge which provides direct support for vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • Learn about the floor system which may consist of closely spaced transverse floor beams between girders.

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