W-CE-006 Dewatering System Design

W-CE-006 Dewatering System Design

Dewatering System Design Webinar

The Dewatering System Design online PDH webinar is a part of our group of on-demand online webinars. This online webinar introduces the analysis, technology and design of dewatering systems.

This webinar discusses design of a watering and pressure relief or groundwater control system.  To do this first requires determination of the type of groundwater flow (artesian, gravity, or combined) to be expected and of the type of system that will be required. Also, a complete picture of the groundwater and the subsurface condition is necessary. Then the number, size, spacing, and penetration of wellpoints or wells and the rate at which the water must be removed to achieve the required groundwater lowering or pressure relief must be determined.

This course is intended for civil and geotechnical engineers and other design and construction professionals interested in dewatering systems for foundations of structures, tunnels and shafts.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the webinar, you will be able to:

  • Use mathematical and model analyses;
  • Perform flow net analysis;
  • Explain the approach to electrical analogy models;
  • Employ numerical analysis;
  • Discuss wells, filters and wellpoints;
  • Discuss dewatering open excavations;
  • Apply approaches to dewatering shafts and tunnels; and
  • Describe how to control surface water.

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