W-CE-016 Domestic Water Treatment

W-CE-016 Domestic Water Treatment

Domestic Water Treatment Webinar

The Domestic Water Treatment online PDH webinar is a part of our group of on-demand online webinars. This webinar help you to understand the technical, design and operating requirements domestic water treatment.

This webinar provides an introduction to domestic water treatment.  Treatment consists of adding and/or removing substances from water so as to bring about a desired change in quality. In general, treatment is provided to protect public health or to improve the acceptability (aesthetic quality) of the finished product. This is a guide to basic information on most of the common water treatment processes.

This course will give environmental and civil engineers and others information about the requirements for treating domestic water supplies to meet regulatory and best practices requirements.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the webinar, you will be able to:

  • Apply methods of water treatment at the source;
  • Discuss coagulation and flocculation treatment;
  • Explain the fundamentals of sedimentation basins and clarifiers;
  • Understand disinfection issues;
  • Apply corrosion and scaling control;
  • Control iron and manganese; and
  • Explain ion exchange processes.

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