W-ME-007 Water Sampling and Testing

W-ME-007 Water Sampling and Testing

Water Sampling and Testing Webinar

The Water Sampling and Testing online PDH webinar is a part of our group of on-demand online webinars. This webinar provides guidance for testing and sampling industrial water systems.

Water sampling and testing procedures provide information that can be used for the following purposes: to ensure the protection of the water system equipment; to prevent unexpected system failure; to provide information used to control water quality; and to verify that water treatment chemicals are maintained at the proper concentration within the system or, if not, to allow for adjustment of their concentration. Adequate chemical treatment of water systems requires that specific levels of specific chemicals be maintained in the water to provide the system with protection from corrosion and deposits. This requirement applies to both cooling and boiler water systems. The purpose of a sampling and analysis program for industrial water is to ensure and verify that the required levels of treatment chemicals are being maintained and that the water quality parameters are within the specified control ranges.

This webinar is intended for mechanical engineers and other design and construction professionals wanting an introduction to water sampling and testing of industrial water systems, such as for cooling towers and boilers.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand in-plant testing by water system operators;
  • Utilize independent quality assurance analysis;
  • Design cooling tower water testing requirements;
  • Recommend frequencies for cooling water sampling and testing;
  • Design typical water sampling points for an open recirculating cooling water system;
  • Design routine boiler water sampling and testing; and
  • Recommend typical locations for water sampling in a steam boiler water system.

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