How It Works

How It Works

Please take a moment to read how to take our courses online

How it Works?

At PDH STAR, we want to change and improve how construction professionals learn, expand their knowledge and advance in their careers. Our goal is to make knowledge and education free and available to everyone. PDH STAR has large knowledge database that is expanding almost daily and it is just a click away from you. In this article we will explain how to enroll into our courses.

Almost all of our course material is free and available to visitors. Anyone can visit a course page and learn about a specific topic of interest.

Search and Categories

We tried to make course search very easy and intuitive. In main menu you can find main course categories, such as Architecture, Engineering and Land Surveying, with up to fifteen different subcategories in each. A single course may be found in more than one category, as some topics span multiple categories. There is also a Search bar and Search button for easier course finding by key word or course number.

To simplify things, we put Popular course list on home page, and Latest Courses in sidebar of every course page. If you cannot find what you are looking for or have an interest in a particular area, please contact us for help.

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How it works

  • 1 Sign up

    Create your free account and sign up for a course

  • 2 Review course material

    Once you are enrolled, review the course material and complete the final quiz

  • 3 Certificate of Completion

    Once you pass the final assessment, you can download your Certificate of Completion from your Profile page


Overview tab

When you choose a course and visit its page, you will see the course title, with category or categories the course belongs to, author’s name, course reviews and course price. Our intention is to make learning affordable, so you will find that our courses are very reasonably priced. If you would like to receive PDH Star news, including course discounts, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Just below the course image, you fill find yourself in the Course Overview tab. We try to provide a comprehensive description of the course, who would benefit by taking the course, what are the learning objectives, length of the course or activity and state acceptance for each course and issuance of a Certificate of Completion. Visit this link to find more about individual State requirements.

Curriculum tab

In this section you will find lessons for a particular course as well as reading material. Some courses may only have lessons in PDF format, while others may have videos or studying materials in other media types. By clicking on the lesson name you will be redirected to materials to study from.

Some courses are time limited and/or monitored, or may require you to spend some time studying before passing on to the next lesson. This is done so to satisfy requirements of a particular state (e.g. Ohio). In most other cases, all lessons and study materials are available for you to either read online or download and read offline at your leisure.


In order to receive a Certificate of Completion that would satisfy your state’s continuing education requirement, you need to purchase a course that is accepted in your state of licensure (each course page lists states acceptance for that course) and pass a test based on the study material. Each quiz has a number of questions that is related to the PDH weighting of the course: for 1-2 PDH course there are 10 questions, with 5 additional questions for every additional PDH hour. In general, you are required to answer 70% of the questions correctly to pass the quiz and receive your Certificate of Completion. In case you do not achieve a passing score in your quiz, you would be able to review each question in detail, refer back to the course material and retake the quiz multiple times if needed. Once you receive a minimum passing score on the quiz, you will receive the Certificate of Completion immediately.

Question types

There are several types of questions on the quiz:

  • Multiple choice – single answer questions: the student is presented with a question and up to five possible answers of which only one is correct
  • Multiple choice – multiple answer questions: the student is presented with a question and up to five possible answers of which any number can be correct answers
  • True or False: a statement is presented and the student needs to determine if the statement is true or false

Review tab

Every student is presented with an option to review the course after completing the quiz. We encourage you to review the course and share your experience with other potential students to help them chose the right course for them


Upon completion of the course and successful quiz test score, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for your records. Each state has a specific requirement for record keeping duration – please retain your Certificates of Completion in case you are selected for continuing education audit by your state.

PDH STAR will keep your Certificates of Completion for the duration as mandated by each state. In case you have misplaced your copy of the Certificate of Completion, you can always log back into your profile and download the certificates again.


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