How To Get An OSHA Card In NYC

How To Get An OSHA Card In NYC

osha card in nyc

How To Get An OSHA Card In NYC

OSHA card in NYC can be obtained in several ways. There are many course providers offering in-person, online on-demand, and online webinar classes that will allow you to obtain either OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 card. OSHA training can be taught only by OSHA-authorized trainers who may teach 10- and 30-hour safety courses and issue OSHA Outreach Training completion cards.

The OSHA 10-hour course covers safety and hazards for entry-level workers. The OSHA 30-hour course covers greater variety of safety topics and is intended for supervisors and workers with some health and safety responsibility.

In New York State, OSHA 10-hour training is required on most publicly funded construction projects. In New York City (NYC) OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour training is required to obtain the Temporary Site Safety Training (SST) card, valid for 6 months. The trainee then has 6 months to complete additional 30 hours of SST training to obtain the Site Safety SST card, valid for 5 years. An SST card is a mandatory requirement on all construction projects in NYC that require Site Safety Manager, Site Safety Coordinator, or Superintendent.

Is OSHA Online Training Acceptable in NYC?

Yes. OSHA online training courses are acceptable in NYC, as long as they are “actively proctored”. Actively proctored simply means that the course provider must ensure the identity of the student taking the online training, and that they shall be monitored at random intervals that they are the individual completing the training. The trainee must also attest that they are the individual who attends the training and that the training is completed without any assistance by others. PDH STAR OSHA online training complies with these requirements and is accepted by NYC Department of Buildings.

How Do I Ensure I Will Get A Genuine OSHA Card?

OSHA carries a list of all OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainers that you can find online. In addition, OSHA has approved a handful of online OSHA course providers – PDH STAR OSHA courses (developed by PureSafety) are one of the approved online OSHA courses. Taking an OSHA online training with PDH STAR ensures that you will get a genuine Department of Labor OSHA Outreach Training card.

How Long Does It Take To Receive An OSHA Card?

OSHA regulations state that the OSHA trainer must deliver the OSHA card to the trainee within 90 days of completing the course. In practice, it usually takes 2-4 weeks to receive your OSHA card in the mail. You must provide a US mailing address to receive your OSHA card.

Do OSHA Cards Expire?

Although OSHA cards do not expire, your employer may ask you to refresh your training periodically, to ensure you are familiar with the hazards on your site. For the purpose of issuing the first SST card to a trainee, the OSHA card cannot be older than 5 years. If your OSHA card is older than 5 years, and you are applying for your first SST card, you must either repeat your OSHA training, or “refresh” your OSHA card by taking additional 8 hours of prescribed SST training.

What OSHA Courses Are Offered By PDH STAR?

PDH STAR offers OSHA 10-hour and OSHA 30-hour online training courses for the Construction and General Industries approved for New York State and NYC. Courses are available in English and Spanish and are fully on demand – you can complete the training in your own pace, and at any time. Our courses are accepted in New York State and by the NYC Department of Buildings.


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