How To Get an OSHA Card Replacement

How To Get an OSHA Card Replacement

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How To Get an OSHA Card Replacement?

Over time your OSHA card can get lost, stolen, worn out, damaged, or you may have never received the card at all. In certain situations, you may be eligible to request a replacement card. The same process applies for both OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 cards, and is the same for Construction, General Industry or Maritime OSHA cards.

Although OSHA cards do not expire, if your OSHA card is over 5 years old, you will not be eligible to get a replacement card. This is because OSHA does not keep any training records, the records are kept by your OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer, and they are obligated to keep the records for 5 years. So, in case you need a card replacement, but your card is over 5 years old, you need to take the required OSHA training again.

In case you have requested a replacement card previously, you are not eligible for another replacement for the same training. A card holder is allowed only one replacement card for the same class. In case you have requested a card replacement for the same card previously, you will have to take the training again.

Where to request the OSHA card replacement?

OSHA does not maintain any records of OSHA classes or trainees. All of the records are kept by the authorized trainers, and they have to maintain their records for the period of 5 years. This applies for both online and in-person classes.

If you need your card to be replaced, you need to contact your OSHA Authorized Outreached trainer with whom you took the class. If you took the class online, you need to contact the online provider where you took your class. If you have taken your class through PDH STAR please get in touch with us at

Please make sure to keep the record of your training, and the letter that came with your original OSHA card. If you are unable to locate your training provider, you may have to retake the class.

Since your trainer has to pay a fee to get a replacement of your card, they are allowed to charge a fee to get and distribute the new OSHA card for you. For OSHA cards replacement obtained through PDH STAR, the cost of card replacement is $40.

If you need to retake your OSHA training please visit our dedicated OSHA web page, where you can sign up for online OSHA training for General and Construction Industries, as well as for actively proctored training complying with New York Local Law 196.

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