Is OSHA 10 Card A Mandatory Requirement In New York?

Is OSHA 10 Card A Mandatory Requirement In New York?

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Is OSHA 10 Department of Labor (DOL) card mandatory in New York? In general, yes, but it also depends on the type of project. Let’s start first by looking at the New York State in general.

OSHA 10 Card for New York State

In New York State, workers on all publicly funded project over $250,000 are required to have an OSHA 10 DOL card. The OSHA 10 Legislation applies to workers on a public work contract that are required under Article 8 to receive the prevailing wage. New York State does not require a renewal of OSHA 10 training, but your employer may ask you to renew your OSHA 10 card every 3 to 5 years.

The Article 8 §220-h, requires that every worker working on a public project under Article 8 of $250,000 or more, must be certified as having completed an OSHA 10 training. They must complete the OSHA 10 training prior to performing any work under the contract. This provision applies to all contractors and subcontractors, and they must submit a proof (OSHA card, Certificate of Completion, or training roster from the certified OSHA trainer) of OSHA 10 completion to the first certified payroll submitted to the contracting agency. An attestation by the employer that that employees have completed OSHA 10 course is not sufficient.

Other states such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island have similar requirements for training and certification.

OSHA 10 Card for New York City

In New York City your OSHA 10 card must be renewed every 5 years. The NYC Department of Buildings have also introduced the Site Safety Training (SST) card, requiring all workers on demolition and construction sites that require a Site Safety Manager, Site Safety Coordinator, or a Construction Superintendent, to have a minimum of 40 hours of Site Safety Training (SST). This training typically consists of OSHA 30 for Construction and 10 hours of SST training: 2-Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness and 8-Hour Fall Prevention courses. Supervisors or Competent Persons on these sites must complete 62 hours of Site Safety Training, typically consisting of OSHA 30 and 32 hours of SST courses.

You can also use your OSHA 10 card to obtain a Temporary SST card which will allow you to work in New York City for six (6) months. You then have six months to complete additional 30 hours of SST training to be eligible to obtain the Site Safety SST card, valid for five (5) years.

Can I Take OSHA 10 Training Course Online?

Yes, as long as the online training is “actively proctored” and is completed with one of the OSHA approved online training providers, the training will be accepted in New York. PDH STAR courses (developed by Puresafety) are OSHA approved and you will receive the official DOL card after successfully completing the training.

Where Can I sign Up For The Approved OSHA 10 Online Training?

You can sign up for the OSHA 10 online training on PDH STAR web site. Please note that you would need to enter your full mailing address where do you want your OSHA card to be mailed to. You have six (6) months to complete the training once you start, and you can complete a maximum of 7.5 hours per day.


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