Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy

PDH Courses Refund Policy: In an unlikely case your PDH credit is not accepted by your state licensing board, please send us a copy of the rejection letter and we will arrange for you to take another course up to the same value / PDH credit, or will process a refund. You are able to preview most of our on-demand courses before purchasing.

OSHA Online Courses Refund Policy: All OSHA online courses, as well as SST packages that include either the OSHA 10 or the OSHA 30 courses are non-refundable.

Other Online Courses Refund Policy: in an unlikely event that you would like a refund for your purchase, please send us a request within 48 hours of your purchase. In order to qualify for a refund, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Course purchased no more than 48 hours prior to refund request
  • You have not enrolled and started any of the courses purchased

If you meet the above criteria, please submit your refund request via email to with your proof of purchase attached to your email and an explanation as to why you are requesting the refund. Please note that the above cancellation policy is not applicable to OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 courses, or any packages that include OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 courses. For OSHA 10/30 courses or packages containing OSHA 10/30 courses, the OSHA 10/30 cost is non-refundable. The price of the OSHA 10/30 courses are shown on the individual course pages.

If you purchased your class through a reseller, the refund and cancellation policies of the reseller apply. To initiate a refund request you would need to contact the reseller where you have registered for the course.

In-person Courses Refund Policy: If the applicant wishes to cancel their course application and payment, they can do this as long as it is done seven business days in advance of the course date. If the cancellation is made within the seven business days period from the course date, the applicant will receive a credit that they have to use within a six month period from the original course date. If the applicant fails to attend the rescheduled course date or wants to reschedule again, they will forfeit 50% of the course fee. If they do not reschedule or fail to attend a rescheduled course within a six month period from the original course date, the full 100% of the course fee will be forfeited.

Please review our refund policy carefully before purchasing your training. For full Terms and Conditions please click here.

Cancellation Policy

PDH STAR reserves the right to cancel or reschedule in-person or instructor led webinar training courses. If the course is being rescheduled within the next calendar month any payments will be applied towards the rescheduled course. If the new course date is more than one month from the original course date, the applicant is entitled to a full refund.

SST Card Policy

If the applicant requires a new PDH STAR issued SST card to be replaced (due to card being lost, stolen or damaged), there is a replacement card processing fee of $50. If the applicant needs to change their name on the card the replacement card processing fee will be charged at $50. Please make sure that you spell your legal name correctly to avoid unnecessary delays and costs. You can order your replacement SST card here.

Please note that, in case your application (replacement, upgrade, or any other SST card) for an SST card is denied, you will not be able to receive any refund. All SST card orders are non-refundable. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are eligible to receive the SST card before making the payment. In case you have completed the training with another course provider, you need to submit all supporting documentation as described here, including a copy (front and back) of your OSHA card – OSHA certificates of completion issued by other providers are not acceptable for the purpose of issuing an SST card.


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