NYC DOB SST Card Photo Requirements

NYC DOB SST Card Photo Requirements

In order for PDH STAR to issue your SST card, you need to submit a photo complying with the NYC DOB SST Card photo requirements (photo can be sent, along with other supporting documents, to In general, a simple portrait photo without any headwear, shadows etc., taken against a light colored surface (e.g. wall) would suffice. Below are the detailed NYC DOB requirements:

Photo Requirements:

  • in color
  • taken against a plain cream or light grey background
  • clear and in focus
  • no more than 2 years old
  • unaltered by computer software

The image should:

  • show a close-up of full head and shoulders without any other objects or people
  • be between 29mm and 34mm high from the crown to the chin

In addition the photo should show the card applicant:

  • facing forward and looking straight at the camera
  • with a neutral expression and mouth closed
  • without anything covering the face
  • in clear contrast to the background
  • without a head covering (unless it’s worn for religious or medical reasons)
  • with eyes open, visible and free from reflection or glare from glasses
  • with eyes not covered by sunglasses, tinted glasses, glasses frames or hair
  • without any ‘red eye’
  • without any shadows

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