Temporary SST Card

Temporary SST Card for NYC – What Is It And How To Get One

Temporary SST Card NYC

Temporary SST card is a way for new entrants into the New York City construction workforce to start working as quickly and safely as possible. The New York City Department of Buildings (NYC DOB) requires that anyone starting work on a construction or demolition site after 1 December 2019 completes OSHA 10 (at a minimum) for the construction industry and obtains a Temporary Site Safety Training (SST) card as a proof of minimum Site Safety Training before starting work on a construction site. If you already have an OSHA 30 card issued within the last five years you are also eligible to receive the Temporary SST card.

Temporary SST Card for NYC – I received one. What happens next?

Temporary SST card is valid for six months and cannot be extended or renewed. Once you obtain your Temporary SST card, you have six months to complete additional 30 hours of SST courses and obtain the Site Safety or Worker SST card. The Site Safety SST card requires 40 credits of training so, the additional 30 hours of SST training (together with the OSHA 10 taken to obtain the Temporary SST card) satisfies the 40 hour safety training requirement. The Site Safety Card is valid for 5 years.

I Already Have An OSHA 10 Card, Can I Get A Temporary SST Card?

Yes, provided your OSHA 10 card has been issued within the past five years and can be verified with the issuing OSHA Training Institute. Same applies if you have an OSHA 30 card.

I Have Not Received My OSHA 10 Card Yet, Can I Get My Temporary SST Card?

Temporary SST Card

Yes, but only if you apply for your Temporary SST card through the same course provider where you have taken your OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 training.

When you complete your OSHA training you should get a Certificate of Completion as a proof that you have completed your training, until your official OSHA card arrives. OSHA cards typically arrive in the mail within 3 to 4 weeks, but can take up to 90 days, the maximum time allowed by OSHA for your course provider or instructor to mail you your card.

The New York City Department of Buildings allows approved course providers to issue SST cards (including Temporary SST cards) based on Certificates of Completion only in case the trainee has completed the OSHA course through the same course provider as the one issuing the SST card. This is to ensure that the course provider will receive a copy of the OSHA card that they need to upload to the DOB Training Connect platform through which all SST cards are issued. So, if you have completed your OSHA 10 course with a provider and you only have the Certificate of Completion (you are yet to receive your OSHA card), only that course provider can issue your Temporary SST card. The same applies when it comes to the Site Safety SST card that you will become eligible to apply for once you obtain 40 hours of prescribed Site Safety Training.

Can I take the OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 training courses online?

Yes, provided they are taken through one of the online course providers approved by OSHA. In addition, for OSHA online courses to be accepted in New York, they need to be “actively proctored”. PDH STAR offers actively proctored and OSHA approved OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 online courses through PureSafety. The OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 online training for the construction industry is available in English and Spanish.


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